Sunday, August 07, 2011

Night Demons


In the dream they tormented me endlessly. Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, one or more of them would appear, acting at first as if to help me: change a flat tire, start the car, free the stuck window. But as soon as one of them got a grip on the tire iron, or got behind the wheel, or had me close to the open window, things got ugly fast.

My skull bashed by the tire iron. Over a cliff in the car driven by one of them, grinning madly.

Out the open window, dashed on the ground far below.


They killed me, or tried to kill me, over and over. Inexhaustible, clever, driven to my destruction. And strong. Crazy retard strength. Matrix-like jumping over buildings, twisting reality to fit their needs.


Despite all this, they couldn't really kill me.

I fought back, hard. Wrenched guns out of their hands, drove blades deep into their eyes or throats or soft guts, twisted. Kicked and punched, threw into traffic. Over and over, just as strong as they were, just as driven, just as merciless and hard.


Eventually they let me know their demands.

"Open the doorway." 


"Open the doorway, let us out. We'll leave you alone."


All I had to do was let them out of the dreamworld, and I could sleep in peace. If I refused, the torment would continue unabated.

They all gathered around me as I tried to reason through my predicament. Then it came to me.

"Look, you guys, I'm not going to let you out. This is my dream world. I'm God here. I call the shots. And that's why you can't kill me. And why I can't get rid of you.

You're my demons. I created you, I gave you life and yet give it to you. And this, all this destruction and mayhem?

You are but doing my bidding.

You are my beloved demons, doing what I need you to do, in a world of my creating."



Not very psychological, huh?

I wonder what it means?


May you have a good long talk with your demons, whatever they are.

You might discover something startling about them.





Blogger A said...

I keep starting to comment but then whatever it is loops back below the surface.

Thank you for the link (well, thanks to your wife, of course) in the previous post. That video was very calming for me to watch, especially removing all the letters from the walls. Perhaps I just repeated the first sentence again in slightly altered form.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Ms. Moon said...

My demon last night was a little Mexican boy trying to steal a baby off my chest.
Bless his heart.

4:34 PM  
Blogger deirdre said...

Wow, this IS a fucking movie.
I dreamed the stock market went to zero today. I don't even get demons i can wrestle with.


2:52 PM  
Blogger Petit fleur said...

Demons are a bitch. I like that you talk to yours.

I want to try that. It's got a zen quality to it, you know, like sitting and watching something without just reactively pushing it away.


7:35 AM  
Blogger deirdre said...

I just watched Inception - I loved the concept, but I think Christopher Nolan would have done even better had he consulted you for dream material.

Whatcha up to Mister?

8:06 AM  
Blogger tearful dishwasher said...

I liked that inception movie, but it was kind of unsatisfying ultimately. Good eye candy, though.

My dreams ARE cinematic. I have a hell of a good time in them, even when they are bad dreams. I get a lot of celebrity cameo appearances, too. And lots of good special effects. Very moody. Dialogue is pretty bad, though.

As far as what I been up to, I been working mostly, and working on the trailer, getting ready for another trip next weekend. The fun never ends.

I'm not at all motivated to post or write or do art. I don't know what it is. Busy living, I guess.

Thanks for your hello, and your always welcome presence around here.



4:25 PM  

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