Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Night At Camozzi's


You can't go to Camozzi's no more.


This year I am learning how to manage our finances. I have been more than semi-retarded about money all of my life, but I am at long last taking the helm and steering us away from the shore and out toward deeper waters. I'm really having fun. It helps that we actually have enough money to pay all of our bills and still have a little left over.

This new thing is long, long overdue.

I imagine like how addicts when they finally get clean, when they take back their lives, then there is almost always some bad shit coming for them to knock them back down, make them give up? I won't be too surprised if there isn't something looming on our horizon. 

We are hard creatures to change. Even if we want to, we're not much good at it.


On the other hand, I've already seen strange things going on that I do kind of attribute to the effects of attention. 

There seems to be new money everywhere I look.


It is the Year of the Rat. 

So, auspicious for new endeavors.


Good luck to you on yours.



Blogger ButtonHole said...

uh, where exactly are you looking?? I'm searching high and low and don't see a dime! (hm, maybe you already took it all!)

8:59 PM  

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