Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lone Palm


Life expands to accommodate what you would fit in it.

Jam in some good shit, man.


Today we had our first all day ceramics class at the community college. We wedged clay. We made pinch pots. We made a coil-built vessel. We watched Thai potters make incredible pots on some old hand-shot video. We got dirty. We ate lunch on the grass in the quad like twenty-year-olds. We helped clean up after. 

We put our initials on the bottoms.

We had some good time.


I love my wife, you'll have to excuse me. 

She gives me fits.


I cain't hardly stand it.


I don't know how you are supposed to quit drinking when Albertson's has Ketel One on sale for fourteen bucks off. 

Jesus wants us to smooth away the rough edges, it seems to me.


After six hours of pottery, we went to the local market in Morro Bay and bought brocoli rabe and we're cooking it up with the leftover grown-up Mac n' Cheese from Yolie's party yesterday and we are having frozen vodka first and I don't give a shit if I should or not it's good and that's that.

Plus Peach Cobbler Ben&Jerry's ice cream for after.


"Who's the boom king?"





Anonymous Anonymous said...

that picture is so beautiful.

and i envy this day of yours.

5:00 AM  

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