Sunday, March 07, 2010

Our Lord and Master


Cleaning the house makes me feel happier. Rubbing everything down with Pledge and a worn out cloth, vacuuming under everything, getting in all the nooks and corners. Going at the stove until it gleams, degreasing the stove hood.

If she let me I'd live in a white box with wood floors and two pieces of furniture and everything would glow.

Of course, I thank God she won't let me do that.


When I was going to polygraph school I lived in an apartment by myself and I cleaned it twice a day and there was nothing in it except a bed and a sofa and a dining table and a big fake ficus tree in the corner.

It was as lifeless a place as you could imagine.


Our place is a gorgeous wonderland of art and beauty and oddness that I treasure deep in my bones. Every time I walk into the house it strikes me dumb with the beauty and love and goodness that it radiates.

Then I see my wife and my fat little bulldog and it gets even worse.


I have to go now. The woman wants a platter of pu-pu's and a glass of Parson's Flat Shiraz before I make her my to-die-for hot skillet pizza.


Namaste, you princes of Maine, you kings of New England!

May you be as blessed as I am and may it not cease for any of us.



Blogger Mim said...

I confess I'm a thorough cleaner who loves to cart things to Goodwill, to the compost, to the trash.

My dear J. loves to keeps things.

I keep all his letters and notes. One is on a little card dated 7/24/99 and addressed "Camden." It remains in a small red leather zippered case he gave me when we were in Maine together. Red is my favorite color.

Thanks, Tearful, for the glimpses of your life at home.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Lola Sharp said...

I'm not sure where I stumbled here from, perhaps Maggie's (Flux)? Anyway, here I am, and what a thoughtful post. I plan to come back later and enjoy your other posts.

Make it a wonderful week,

10:06 AM  
Blogger deirdre said...


I think we should switch lives for a day or two. I want to sit in your beautiful house and eat your amazing cooking with Yolie and my house needs a damn good clean-out and cleaning.


10:59 AM  

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