Monday, August 03, 2009

War Party


Last night I made a pork loin with apricot cilantro glaze and three-cheese scalloped potatoes.

It were good.

But that salmon and leek pie from a couple days ago?



Today I made a big pot of chicken soup and took that and some of the scalloped potatoes over to my grandparents house so they wouldn't starve.

It's kind of funny to make chicken soup for your Grandma.

What kind of crazy, mixed-up world is this, anyway?


Our child made a brief reappearance before running off with some smelly, but nice, hippies. This is the kind of thing that happens around here, I'm afraid. Did you ever see that Norwegian film, Elling?

It's two guys who get out of the funny farm and get set up in a little apartment by the benevolent government so they can transition to living back in the world. Anyway, whenever the telephone rings in their apartment, the camera goes all tilty like they are suddenly at sea.

That's how it is for us, too.

Who could that be? What do they want now?


If I could I would cook all day. Well, cook and eat. With lots of wine, preferably. Throw a nap or two in there, some reading, maybe a gunfight once a week, I'd be good. I guess I need my job because there is just not enough assholes around here for me to deal with and I'd get bored if I couldn't get all confrontational every now and then.


I love this stupid world.

I gotta go watch a movie with my wife now.



Blogger The Godfather said...

i like your blog. but you really need to come and train.

8:45 PM  
Blogger tearful dishwasher said...


Okay, okay, I give. i'll be there tonight.

So cool that you stopped by, you craftinista!

6:04 AM  
Blogger lyzne said...

hey scott

hope you are well... luv that you're still doing your art. that cosmonaut thing below reminds me of jeremy geddes..

there is a woman whose blog you link to who lives in st pete. i know nothing of her except what she posts on her blog. from this i know
she's a private person..with a blog. with links. a few months ago she
deleted her last blog, shortly after saying hello to the anono person
who visits her blog from tampa. this might have been me. i just want you to let her know that i don't know her, but i enjoy her writing and music tastes (iow, a fan) and i'm not some spy from work or stalker or anything, i just like her blog. it's called lingusitica or something

be well bro


11:32 PM  

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