Saturday, March 07, 2009

Runs With Scissors


Don't mess with me, man.



Blogger dottie kee bones said...

you need that t-shirt.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Radish King said...

I love you

10:26 AM  
Blogger LKD said...

Okey dokey, mister man.

(My word verification: theal. Which could be a moodier shade of teal. Or, a different way to heal, maybe.)

9:04 PM  
Blogger james said...

i do hate it when you get all sentimental like this,

6:45 AM  
Blogger Christine Carlton said...

Hummmm. Nudges SO with her toe.

Considers a sternal rub, but considers the broken wrist she'll get if he's just sleeping it off.

Decides to do what they used to do for drunks in Vegas when working EMS... opens up an ammonia wipe, rolls it up, stuffs it up one of the drunks' nostrils.

If they've got a glascow coma score of 6 or more, they'll react. Not cool, but it works.

You alive?

6:40 PM  
Blogger Premium T. said...

I miss your posts.

Come back.

9:59 PM  
Blogger linda ana said...

Your raw, insightful musings have informed my life.

I want more.

8:30 AM  
Blogger this time round said...

aw, c'mon.

6:23 PM  
Blogger 21k said...



early june-ish, no worries

4:53 PM  
Blogger james said...

scott, i stop by here at least once a day, hoping for some word from you. others may know something about your silence, but me, i've been completely in the dark. and i worry about you. just let us know you're okay?
always with you ... jim

5:14 PM  

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