Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Taste of Something Fine


Today is Sunday routine:

Coffee and reading and breakfast.
Walk Lucy on the east-west ranch.
Wash Lucy in the bathtub.
Clean the bathtub, wash the dog towels, wash Lucy's bed.
Clean the house until it sparkles.
Eat lunch in the garden or take it to the beach.
Go for a bike ride.
Take a shower and have a delicious beverage on the deck.
Read in the hammock.
Do yoga and nap in the lair.
Have another delicious beverage.
Cook something dead good for dinner.
Eat dinner in the backyard or on the deck or inside if it's cool already.
Watch a netflix movie and eat dessert.
Read in bed.
Get sleepy and turn out the light.
This part's private.
Fall asleep.
Turn in tandem. Reach for each other.
Listen to the night sounds and fall asleep again.


Repeat as often as possible.


If there is a deeper happiness I don't know that I could stand it.



Blogger Mim said...

C'est la vie. Thank you for your post.

5:48 PM  
Blogger tearful dishwasher said...


Thank you for stopping in and saying hello.

I went to your blog and read the post about the couple fighting on the subway, and the swans, and the potato and leek soup, and was smitten.


Utterly undone.

I will be looking in and pray that you will look around here as well. The world is but a small thing.



6:11 PM  

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