Thursday, February 09, 2006

Plum Blossom

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I am taking Cash and loading him up in the pickup and we are going to the beach. Every day on the way to work the surf has been huge and the wind howling, blowing the spray back in the most beautiful way, the two powerful forces smashing into each other as the sun peaks up over the hills and turns everything into a glowing, magical display...

If I get any good pictures I will show them to you.

This little plum blossom is attached to a tree in the lot behind the burned-down house behind the old Bucket of Blood saloon (now Painted Sky recording studio). Santa Rosa creek runs alongside the long, fenced-in lot. It is also home to an old shack that is all that remains of our little town's Chinese neighborhood.

I love this place beyond all reason.

Okay, gotta run before the light changes.

Oh, yeah- Have a good day. Be good to yourself. Breathe. Focus. Gratitude and Compassion.



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