Friday, February 10, 2006

Night Encounter

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Okay, love is good. Love is powerful. A kind of glue that binds the fabric of the world together. But when I veer too far into the feeling of love I get uneasy. I get an unbalanced feeling. A feeling that I'm forgetting something vital.

That's where this guy comes in.


The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.


The destructive force. Malevolent and powerful, it moves with grace through the tangled vines of the jungle and it is intent upon its mission of death.

Sweet little kitty cat?


Innocent baby?

Set upon and torn limb from limb.

And etc.


Our small minds and hearts must open for this dark beast, too. Without him we are only half alive.


Argh. This whole episode just devolves into pat, smarmy, obvious truths. I'm not trying to be profound but it sure sounds like I am. It's just that I'm trying to make room in my psyche for all of it. The whole enchilada. I want to take an axe to my small, provincial understanding of the whole contraption and leave it in splinters. Crack it open and let it all in. Cleanse the doors of perception. It isn't pretty, it's awesome. It doesn't make you feel all warm and happy inside, it stuns you into awareness.

I mean, shouldn't it?

Won't it?


Big, little. Love, death, life, birth.

Checkers. Grilled Cheese sandwiches.


Fuck it. I'm taking the dogs for a walk.



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