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I made a bonzai trip home over the weekend. It was so good to see my family. Walking into the house was like walking into a body- it was so warm and intimate and strange and beautiful. You can check out some pics at Planting Along The Verge for a tour if you want. ( I tried to link this, but I couldn't get it to work, sorry. It's over there at the top of my links column, though.)

Anyway, I love our odd little domicile.

And my odd little wife.


So I'm back in San Diego for the final week of class. We're all a bit unruly at this point, so I'm sure they're as ready for us to leave as we are to be gone.


Yesterday I was in a funk. Man alive. Pissed off and sad and feeling sorry for myself. Like I had gotten unplugged from the universe's supply of goodness. It's strange to me how the bad feelings can wash over you so completely for no good reason. I guess the neurochemical bathwater gets bad and you just got no choice for a while. I mean, I know you can go in there and fiddle with the knobs a little bit, maybe get things a smidge more comfortable with meditation or medication, but I just sat in the cold bath and cursed my maker for a while.

I can really be a big ol' baby.


I love my daughter and I am asking the Universe here and now to open my eyes and my heart to her more fully, so that I can be the kind of dad she needs right now. Not the kind of dad I think she needs, or that I think I should be.

Just the one she needs.


Also, a shout out to dottie bones for turning me on to Regina Spektor.


Go forth now and do the nasty, everyone.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

... So -- are you ReaLLy Bob Saggit?

"Go forth now and do the nasty, everyone."
do you mean.. to screw ir not to screw?

.. is that a loose question

or are we tHE answer?


Oh, btw - is your daughter that freckle-faced-strawberry one- if so she looks way too young to be anywhere near the fUtillity doll




... yes, finnish up in sandyeggo

cool digs btw. the nest'O drarwings i mean.

8:26 PM  
Blogger handandspiritstudio said...

hurry home, crazy. your odd little wife is impatiently waiting!

10:15 AM  

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