Sunday, October 29, 2006

Deer Run


Okay, Universe.

I'm listening.

Are You?


I hereby announce my wish for you, The Universe, to fulfill:

Please make Deer Run ours.


Okay, okay, I know how it goes. I know you don't just throw it into our hands willy-nilly. You are more subtle and coy than that. But do that thing you do. Crack open a door. Make someone I shake hands with in the doorway be somehow connected to me in a strange and surprising way, a way that nudges the door open a little bit more. Give me dreams that are vivid and disturbing and compelling, dreams in which you have hidden a clue on a scrap of paper that I find in my pocket when I am changing my pants as I fall down the side of a mountain. On the other side of the world, make that little butterfly flap its wings in a spot of warm sunshine so that the mechanisim of fulfilling our desire can be fueled. Make my fingertips itch. Conspire with us, put a little grease there where the big gears bind so that when we throw our weight against them, there is some give, a little shudder.


All my life you have been making my dreams come true.


I'll keep my eyes and ears open.


And thanks.

Thanks for all of it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm working on it...


The Universe

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wish you luck, dreamer

3:44 PM  

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