Saturday, July 09, 2005


It's nothing new, but while walking through the woods this morning with Yolie and the dog, we stumbled upon the truth again. The world is what it is. The ten thousand things. Good and evil. Yin and Yang. So what determines the experience of this world, that is, how it is subjectively apprehended by the individual? Two people can witness the same event, eat the same meal, meet the same person, and come away from the event with entirely different experiences. The data are the same for all of us, but we extract a unique experience from them.

So what determines the experience?

Well, I'd say that you see what you expect to see, what you condition yourself to see. That is, you create your reality for yourself from a largely undifferentiated morass of potential. For myself, I live in a world of pogniant beauty and love, of art and friendship and reading and wine and good food and great sex and much snuggling and touching, balanced with evil, danger, fistfights, car chases, courtroom battles, stake-outs, boredom, despair, death, mayhem, torture, abuse, righteousness, natural disaster, and crimes against humanity. Meditation and instinctive aggression. Love and more love. The evil makes the sweet things sweeter. The love makes the evil bearable.

So. I aim for present moment awareness at all times. Be here now. And then keep my eyes open. See what is there before me. What was hidden. What comes to the surface, what retreats. And then gratitude. Always, gratitude. For my beautiful body, for my senses, for the world to move about in, for the love that surrounds me, for the mystery, for the unfathomable, unknowable all.

Presence, Awareness, Gratitude.

Maintain these and the Universe is yours.


Blogger OrphanedPoet said...

well now...

your beautiful testimony to healthy common sense has inspired me to come out of my shell.

hell, if you can live with the morass of human evil like seaweed, swirling around your feet trying to drag you down, but are able to kick it off and grab onto what is dear to you- still enjoy the truly joyous in life, then there's no need for this 'pghpoet' to be stumbling around in the shadows....

what little threads of hope we all have should be braided it rope- thanks, scott.- k

2:19 PM  
Blogger tearful dishwasher said...


I applaud you. I'm grateful that my words have had an effect. I think that this kind of bumping into each other and changing vector paths is a big part of what we are here for. Someone says something that moves inside you, you speak and move someone else...the wheel keeps turning.

Sending all good things your way-


4:49 PM  

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