Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Agememnon and Diane

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Blogger pghpoet said...

i've looked at this repeatedly for 3 days now, and this is long-winded, but i got a lot out of it. it's also disturbing- mostly because of the woman, who is an 'elvira' type, and very intimidating (to me) in her overt sexuality.

but studying it this evening after a very hectic week at work now that things have calmed down and my mind is quiet enough for me to listen, i notice that both figures appear to be in an inflated bubble- and that brought to mind that old john travolta made-for-tv movie, 'the boy in the bubble'.....so i'm making the connection to the two of them either needing or seeking protection. in addition, the man is in a supplicant's postition. (asking forgiveness? )

her hands are on his head almost like a bishop's would be. (giving blessing of some kind?)

then why the look of what appears to be almost sexual anger/orgasmic response in the woman's face? does it represent the healing power of sex?

i am noticing the record and its red label center ringing her head like a halo, like a religious icon; there's even a stylistic 'crown of thorns' atop it. why has this figure become iconized? records, especially 45's, combined with the woman's exaggerated B-movie look, make me think of the kind of idealized 'dame' a man would have been fantasizing about in his youth.

my guess is this: this is the reason -(or part of it) that you became a policeman to begin with: to protect, and- at least in movieland- to get the babe in the end, who, after all, always falls in love with the hero. orperhaps that was a younger man's motivation; perhaps now you ask forgiveness for that less than ideal if hidden rationale...or...or.....

perhaps the bubble is to protect that old notion, and the kneeling is its admission- and you now know that it's impossible to protect everyone from the really bad stuff.

mostly policemen are there for the awful aftermaths and we think-- (and maybe you thought, or hoped at one time)- that it was possible to actually prevent much of what inevitably happens anyway- the man gets liquored up and beats his wife, the mother murders her children, the child molester stuffs another little corpse into a storm drain- and you realize more and more that heroes on celluloid are the mostly the stuff of dreams-

and that real life cops- and women and victims- are as shaky-kneed vulnerable as anyone else regardless of their role- or their guns- or their training.

anyway, that's where three days of what must have been subliminal study have rendered up for me when i looked at this. it is an ocean of symbolism. thanks for posting it.-

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Blogger tearful dishwasher said...


Here I was feeling like this piece didn't hit anyone. You sure proved me wrong. What a wonderful, deeply felt response.

I loved reading what this image says to you. And I really appreciate the time you take to fully assimilate these images....



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