Friday, May 19, 2006

Last Call

We're off to the city for Yolie's birthday celebration. Two nights at the Hotel Boheme in North Beach, three days of eating out and museums and gallaries and bookstores and coffee shops and miles and miles of walking. Yolie's big thing is this place
called Scrap, a warehouse full of busted and thrown away crap, like a vintage clothing shop for junk. And I mean junk- promotional materials from corporate meetings, a million little plastic boxes, old barbie dolls, reams of weird fabric, unidentifiable metal gizmos. My favorite thing is they have two huge boxes full of photographs. Nothing fancy, just thousands of pictures that people took and then threw away. I go through the boxes every time we go and scavenge amazing things. I guess we are both addicted to that kind of thrill of finding some piece of junk that will make the perfect jumping off point for a piece of art.

The new job goes well. I am happy and riding a wave of bliss that seems to not want to dissipate yet.

Oh, and I got the new lens. Canon 100mm 2.8 USM Macro. Oh my God!


I've got a poem at Compass Rose right now, and I just got copies of Lullwater and Westwind Review with a couple of poems of mine in them. It's pretty silly, but it makes me happy to see them in print.


Okay, kiddos, its off to the city. And City Lights!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Yolie! I just found your blog this past week. Terrific writing and incredible artwork. Have you shown your artwork in galleries? If so, where? If not, do it! Congrats on your new job, too. Have a great, memorable weekend!

7:41 PM  

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