Thursday, March 09, 2006

Day Labor

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I have been given a kind of reprieve. Since my promotion to Sergeant, I've been stuck in the fishbowl for ten hours a day, doing little of any import and spending a lot of time pacing and looking at the clock. Not the greatest thing in the world. Yesterday the bosses brought me back into the detective bureau to assist on a cold-case that has been heating up. A string of women raped and murdered a long time ago, all unsolved. Before I left I put in a lot of work with another guy and we got a couple of the murders tied through DNA evidence, and now we're working the other end of it.

So, suddenly, if temporarily, I am back doing what I love.

The feeling was like waking up from a terrible dream where you're lost and trapped and you don't understand what's happened to you or how you ended up where you are. You awaken and you're back in your own familiar bed, with sunlight streaming in through your windows...

But it wasn't a dream. It was a place, and you and you and you were there...


Back at a desk with the pictures of the dead scattered all around me, and a task: find who did this.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hot damn. go tiger!

8:16 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

that's tough.

i love those shows--forensic files and such--crime scene investigations--they are so interesting to me, for one because i LOVE science and the 'puzzle' of it, and also because we all like to see the "bad guys" get caught! there is a sense of justice in that and it gives us pleasure--even if the other side of that pleasure is someone else's suffering.

ahhh humanity is so weird!!!

10:32 AM  

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