Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Peace Be Upon You


It's no wonder she hates us.


Look at what we've done to her.


I have always believed in the power of trying hard. Trying hard will absolve you from guilt, from failures, from stupidity and greed and deep-set neurosis.




In most arenas, trying hard, although admirable, doesn't amount to shit. Trying hard, unless it results in the necessary outcome, is moot.

I know this.


From a certain distance, everything is interesting. Let's say it: "compassion, compassion, compassion, compassion."

"May all sentient beings enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness."

"May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering."

"May they never be separated from the great happiness devoid of suffering."

"May they rest in the great equanimity."


So be it.


My limitations are many and my moments of clarity few. Yet I am blessed beyond all reason. Here is my wife and daughter who love me, and all my family, who love me and whom I love. Here is my fine and agile mind, eager for knowledge. Here my stout heart, glad to be alive, unafraid of death, ready to love and be loved by all. Here my modest house and fragrant gardens, full of flowers and nectar, fruit and honeybees, birds and lizards and dappled shade and the sound of gurgling water. Here is my job where I toil for the cause of good and am paid well and am respected. Here is the very picture of a humble man living in great wealth and good luck. Does not sweet water come out of the tap when I but turn the knob? Is there not the whole world of knowledge and information at the tip of my fingers, ready at a keystroke to answer my oddest inquiry immediately? Do I not have food enough, and ample rest, and money in the bank, and health, and happiness, and moments of joy? Do I not have dreams yet unfulfilled? Do I not engage in a mighty struggle? Do I not ache and long and despair? Is not my meat pungent with spices and my honey sweet and golden? Is not my bed wide and soft? Does my sweet wife not still look at me with love? Does she not still close her eyes when I kiss her lips?


So be it, for that is how it is.





Anonymous Anonymous said...

such writing and thought. i love to read it.

9:34 AM  
Blogger tearful dishwasher said...

it's good to have you around.

1:39 PM  

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