Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hombres Malvados


I got nothing right now but knowing I got to hold tight
and hope she don't throw me.


I have lost the way words used to move in me and everything is
wind-scoured and dust ruined and bone dry. Dessicated.
That's a word. Bereft is another. Something has taken my measure
and finds me wanting. I wander through the rooms of my life
and everywhere it is one door closing on the next.

And me befuddled.

I'll be dog.


I have always believed like a child in the power of love.
I won't quit it, though shaken in the maw of a great, angry beast.

I will believe.

But when the beast has tired of sport and I lie busted in the dirt
I get my doubts.


I got my doubts after all.



Anonymous Karen said...

ride it, cowboy. none of it lasts.

and look, you get to see some gorgeous sunsets along the way.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Jewel said...

hi scott,
just got back from morro/cambria/ your neck of the woods. it's soooo beautiful there. the fog rolling off of morro rock, all the deer that wander the streets at night. how do you deal with the beauty day in and day out. love it there.

keep it real. your friend,

3:38 PM  

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